Frequently Asked Questions

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How do ISF and Gradum interact?

ISF and Gradum are separate entities with the same leadership. Price Thomas and Preston Whitlock founded Gradum in 2016, and from their experience have now created ISF. Though technically disparate organizations, they will work together to help give young, economically-disadvantaged athletes opportunities to use sports to further themselves and change generational outcomes.

How do I apply to ISF?

Players can apply on our site, www.irelandstfdn/apply. We follow the academic year, so new players will be accepted into the program each year starting in September. The application process opens in January of each year, and will close at the end of April, with acceptance announcements being made in June.

What are the eligibility critera?

Players must be at least in the second semester of their 8th grade academic year and enrolled at a local middle or high school. Players will be asked to prove financial eligibility prior to acceptance into the program. 

How many players are in the program at one time?


How long are players in the program?

Players accepted into ISF must have their eligibility renewed on an annual basis. All positions in the program are renewable barring extenuating circumstance, which will be handled personally with the player and his/her family. Players are eligible for ISF January of their 8th grade academic year, with the potential of remaining in the program through their high school graduation.